Wind Creek Casino – The Only Gambling Establishment in Morehead City, NC

Nothing in the great state of Alabama can beat Wind Creek Casino at Morehead City, North Carolina. Situated within a small town on the Atlantic Ocean with a population of approximately twenty people, Wind Creek is the site of the largest waterway gambling table in the United States.

This casino in Morehead City, North Carolina offers many things to thrill and entice its visitors. This site is also the home of the Bellagio Hotel, the home of the largest gambling floor in the United States.

While the Bellagio Hotel is located right next door to the casino games, it is important to note that the Bellagio Hotel and Casino are not as impressive. For those who want the same level of excitement that they get at Wind Creek Casino, this hotel provides everything that you would want. The Bellagio Hotel is located just around the corner from the Wind Creek Casino.

The Bellagio Hotel features many luxurious rooms to allow you to enjoy your stay while gambling away your fortune. This hotel is home to two huge casino floor where the entrance fees are much higher than the rooms. This high price tag often makes these rooms unnecessary unless you plan on staying there for only a short period of time.

Some guests prefer to stay in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino after they have gambled away their hard earned money. For those who plan on spending more time at Wind Creek Casino, staying in the Bellagio Hotel can be very beneficial.

If you want to be able to spend the night after gambling away your fortune, the Bellagio Hotel and Casino can provide you with a room right near the casino floor. This gives you the opportunity to be able to enjoy a little of the hustle and bustle of the casino without having to deal with all of the noise.

No matter what your preference is, Wind Creek Casino is sure to provide you with one that is perfect for you. Located in the middle of the night hours, this casino is the perfect place to relax after a day of gambling away your money. It is important to remember that Wind Creek Casino at Morehead City, North Carolina does have alcohol licensed establishments.

These establishments are meant to offer its patrons the best game play available. While no gaming is allowed within the establishment, you may still experience some quality time with your friends at the Wind Creek Casino. The Bellagio Hotel located just across the street offers you an even better option if you are looking for an opportunity to enjoy a little of the hustle and bustle without the hassle of going to the Wind Creek Casino.