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Tribal Belly Dance, Pirates, and Some Great News

A tribal belly dance reunion and Madam Onca's review of "Girl on Fire" for Zaghareet magazine!

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Fire Poi Tips: How to Make a Spin-Off Container

If you've bought fire spinning fuel lately, you're well aware that it's not cheap. But saving money is just one reason to catch the excess fuel when you spin off your fire spinning tools before lighting them up. Using a spin-off container is also better for the environment because you're not releasing fuel into the ground soil, and … Continue reading Fire Poi Tips: How to Make a Spin-Off Container

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Fire Arts | Photography

A photography and colleague of mine, Christine Polomsky, recently asked if I would model for her so that she could experiment with photographing flames and fire. Being a performer, I was obviously happy to oblige. Here's what we came up with. Enjoy! (By the way, if you think these are cool, you can click here … Continue reading Fire Arts | Photography