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Creativity Hour Ideas

Creativity Hour includes music, dance, drawing, painting, writing, crocheting, sewing ~ all things creative! Here are some of the amazing things that have come from one of our international sessions, and I hope that these ideas inspire you to set aside your own creativity hour (tag me on Instagram and #CreativityHour so that I can … Continue reading Creativity Hour Ideas


What is Creativity Hour?

What started out as a random idea to empower people to prioritize their art (art as in music, dance, writing, painting, drawing, crocheting, building, singing, making) is turning into an international movement called Creativity Hour, and you're invited. Who: Anyone who needs an hour to work on an artistic project that's been sitting on the … Continue reading What is Creativity Hour?

Fire arts, fire eating |

Fire Arts | Photography

A photography and colleague of mine, Christine Polomsky, recently asked if I would model for her so that she could experiment with photographing flames and fire. Being a performer, I was obviously happy to oblige. Here's what we came up with. Enjoy! (By the way, if you think these are cool, you can click here … Continue reading Fire Arts | Photography