I started spinning glow poi, then soon after, fire poi, in 2006. I remember the first set of glow poi that I bought. They came from HomeOfPoi.com, a popular site that offers products for spinners, lessons, and a community forum. As I clicked the order button, never did I dream that a decade later they would feature my novel, Girl on Fire, on their websiteHome of Poi

So this is a big, genuine, humble thank-you to Home of Poi for doing just that. I reached out to the team recently to shyly/boldly/hopefully ask if they would include it. They said yes.

I’m not blogging about this to boast, though. There are two things I’d like for you to take away here. 😉

  1. If you spin anything, check out Home of Poi’s resources and flow arts community. You’ll make friends, learn something new, shop for cool props, and, yes, get a copy of Girl on Fire. They have a great newsletter you can sign up for, too, so don’t miss out on that.
  2. Learn from my shy/bold/hopeful experience here! Go after your dream. Write your novel. Teach your classes. Create your masterpiece. One moment at a time, I promise it can all come together. Also, believe in yourself. I wish I could explain the feeling I had when they said “yes.” I was so happy and in such disbelief that I actually cried a bit, but don’t tell anyone else that.

Thank you, Home of Poi, and thank you, dear readers. I hope you do something you love today.

Peace, love, and fire,
Cherie Dawn



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