Carpe Nocturne Magazine
Carpe Nocturne magazine published my poetry in their January 2016 issue

Fuse belly dance magazine
Fuse published my blog in Issue #10

Writer's Digest
January 2017 blog post for Writer’s Digest: Something to Consider Before You Hire a Book Editor

Cherie Dawn Haas
November 2013 Writer’s Digest blog post: NaNoWriMo: 5 Writing Lessons That I Knew Before, But Know Much Better Now

January 2017 blog post on art and poetry: What You Missed When You Blinked

Cincinnati Magazine
Cincinnati magazine included my tribe, Dante’s Gypsy Circus, in its Best of the City issue (2012)

November 2016 blog post for Writer’s Digest: The Lie I Told Myself About Self-Publishing

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