What started out as a random idea to empower people to prioritize their art (art as in music, dance, writing, painting, drawing, crocheting, building, singing, making) is turning into an international movement called Creativity Hour, and you’re invited.

Creativity Hour | CherieDawnLovesFire.com

Who: Anyone who needs an hour to work on an artistic project that’s been sitting on the back burner.

When: Just choose a date and time that works for you and commit to it!

Where: Your home, your art studio, your mom’s attic, a coffee shop, the library…anywhere!

Why: Because creativity matters. And it feels good. 😉

How: Prepare for your creativity hour by making sure you have what you need, such as the right colors of yarn, new sheet music, sharp pencils, your notes, a notebook, art journal, etc. Only you know best!

After the creativity hour, share what you accomplished with our growing family of makers! Here’s how:

• Facebook: Like my Facebook page here www.facebook.com/cheriedawnlovesfire and then upload your photo to my Wall (following me on Facebook is also a great way to get notifications about each month’s Creativity Hour!)

• Instagram: Follow me on Instagram, Instagram your art, tag me @cheriedawnhaas, and use the hashtag #CreativityHour plus any other relevant hashtags

• Twitter: Follow me on Twitter @CherieKre8s, Tweet your image, tag me, and use the hashtag #CreativityHour

Mark the date on your calendar and protect it from all else! “See” you there!

Creativity Hour | CherieDawnLovesFire.com
A sample of art from #CreativityHour, September 2016. Left: book art by Olga Zelenova; Middle: names by moi; Right: drawing by Sue Brassel

4 thoughts on “What is Creativity Hour?

  1. I love the idea of having a dedicated Creativity Hour. With writing being a part of my daily routine I guess I’m already practicing it. But I can see how beneficial this can be for other people. I hope this continues to get promoted!

    1. Thanks so much, Austin! I do want to keep it going – this morning marked our fourth collective Creativity Hour. I haven’t made a public date for the next one yet, but stay tuned! 🙂 Happy writing, and way to go for writing daily!

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