Who doesn’t love a great quote? Being an avid reader, it’s my pleasure to dig out juicy tidbits from books, movies, and even friends, about dance, performing arts, circus, and more, and share them with you here. Bookmark this page and come back for new quotes weekly. Enjoy!

Inspiring quote by Elizabeth Gilbert | CherieDawnLovesFire.com


  • “We take up unusual hobbies, learn new skills… Apart from being fun, these help us to avoid becoming locked into a single way of existing and interacting. They remind us that there are alternative ways of engaging with the world.” ~Lorna Marshall, in The Body Speaks

Gene Wilder Young Frankenstein quote

  • “When I perform a show, sure, I kind of want people to get grossed out. But more than anything, I want to prove them wrong about whatever they assume can’t be done.” ~sword-swallower Heather Holiday (from Carny Sideshows: Weird Wonders of the Midway by Tony Gangi)


quote about performing arts_Lorna Marshall

• “Inexperience provides us with a childlike fearlessness that is the polar opposite of the alleged wisdom that age confers on us, the “wisdom” telling us some goals are foolish, a waste of time, invitations to disaster. In its purest form, inexperience erases fear. You do not know what is and what is not possible and therefore everything is possible.” ~ Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit

Girl on Fire, a novel | CherieDawnLovesFire.com

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