As you may know by now, I have a habit of writing poetry. Well, maybe more like “had” a habit…when I was a teenager it was just how I expressed myself. As I wrote in an earlier post about the passing of a loved one, Gale Watson was a great inspiration to me, particularly when I was a teen. As I browsed through my box of old, filled notebooks looking for writings about Gale, I came across this, written in 1992. There are hundreds of poems that I’ve written; hiding now in an unassumingdance poetry “SNACC Distributing Co” box. Probably enough to start another blog (like I have time for that!). Anyway, I stall. Here’s a poem about dance.

To Dance

To love and let go of all that I feel
To express myself and what is real
To release the energy trapped in my mind
To shed unseen tears without even crying
To take in all I love and throw out all I hate
To let go of my fears and let me deflate
To feel the music within my soul
To watch it burn, to feel it flow
To make the rhythm beat as my heart
To shake with joy knowing this outlet won’t depart
To show who I am and what I can be
To be one with nature, the only way to be free
To know I can always release the pain
To be comforted that I’ll never cry again
To be wrapped in energy coming from my mind
To tell the world how I feel and not lie
To love the movements that help me let go
To pick myself up when I feel low
To use my feet as an outlet to what I feel
To express myself and what is real.

Cherie Dawn
December 13, 1992

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One thought on “A(nother) Poem About Dance

  1. What a beautiful person you are. I am blessed to haven you as my daughter.
    I hope to live up to your expectations of me until I die.

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