I hope you were able to join us for the third #CreativityHour, a time I’ve created for all of us to give to ourselves and our muses. Join us next time (date and more details about #CreativityHour here)!

New to #CreativityHour? Here’s the gist: During a set time about once a month, we all join together to make our form of art (writing, dancing, music, photography, and more) a priority. We create separately, at our own homes or spaces, but simultaneously. It’s a great way to get excited about doing something you love because others are, too! At the end of the hour, we share our experiences on Instagram by using #CreativityHour (follow/tag me, too, @CherieDawnHaas so that I’ll get a notification and can check out your work!).

Here’s a recap of what some of us did for the September 2016 #CreativityHour. Enjoy, be inspired, and join us next time!


Creativity Hour art by Jeannine Stein | CherieDawnLovesFire.com
Jeannine Stein experimented with gelli plates to create an art journal background page (www.instagram.com/jeannine_stein & www.clothpaperscissors.com)

Creativity Hour art by Sue Brassel | CherieDawnLovesFire.com
Drawing by Sue Brassel (www.suebrassel.com)
Creativity Hour art by Olga Zelenova | CherieDawnLovesFire.com
Book art / paper art by Olga Zelenova

Creativity Hour art by Cherie Dawn Haas | CherieDawnLovesFire.com
I created little tags for when my family draws names for our Christmas gift exchange ❤

Creativity Hour art by Barbara Simon Sartain | CherieDawnLovesFire.com
Barbara Simon Sartain worked on a couple of art projects – the September version was a double dose at two hours long! 🙂
Creativity Hour art by Amy Jones | CherieDawnLovesFire.com
Watercolor art journal pages inspired by Italy, by Amy Jones
Creativity Hour, Gina Lee Kim | CherieDawnLovesFire.com
Gina Lee Kim hosted a #CreativityHour party, inviting friends over for an evening of art, wine, and friendship. (www.ginaleekim.blogspot.com)

Creativity Hour | CherieDawnLovesFire.com
A game-inspired drawing by my 11-year-old son 🙂

I’d like to add that my novel, Girl on Fire, was written over many, many personal Creativity Hours, but it started with one. I hope you join me for the next one! ❤

Peace, love, and fire,
Cherie Dawn


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