Creativity Hour includes singing, organizing, pottery, painting, writing, crocheting, knittingĀ ~ all things creative! Here are some of the amazing things that we (you and I!) did for August 2016 (our second one!), and I hope that these ideas inspire you to join us for the next time. Click here to learn more about Creativity Hour, and contact me to share your own fabulous resultsĀ on this page!

Creativity Hour, painting by Mandy Russell |
A painting by Mandy Russell, who says she was inspired by the art compositions of Gina Lee Kim

Creativity Hour, crochet by Olga Zelenova |
A crocheted scarf by Olga Zelenova

Creativity Hour, writing, Patty Craft |
Patty Craft spent the time writing; check out her blog for life inspiration at

Creativity Hour, knitting JenBarnes007 |
@JenBarnes007 began knitting fingerless gloves

Creativity Hour, art journaling |
This is one of two things I did; it’s a detail of an art journal page

Creativity Hour, organizing |
Ellen Bungenstock organized her makeup
Creativity Hour, pottery, Rob MacGregor |
Rob MacGregor spent the time making pottery

Creativity Hour, writing |
I also tried to learn how to use my sewing machine; when that failed, I finished the time writing. :p

Creativity Hour ideas, watercolor journal by Amy Jones |
A handmade watercolor sketch journal by Amy Jones

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