In the spring of 2016 I rented a cabin that was a morning’s drive away from home, kidnapped my editor-turned-writing-partner, and we settled in for a weekend of nothing but writing, punctuated with morning yoga, lots of coffee (of course, duh), and brief breaks for eating and motivating each other.

It was my happy place.

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I love to take photos of my writing life–it helps me realize that I’m getting there. I mean, look at how many pages are in that binder! (PIN this for future inspiration!)

After the productive weekend (she hit 10,000 words, and I worked on my now almost-published novel as well as a new work in progress), we were determined to keep the momentum going. Now I want to invite you.

Twice since our cabin retreat, my writing partner, LB, and I, have met at a local library for four to five hours of focused writing on our individual projects. Once we wrap up the afternoon, we plan our next write-in. Here’s where you come in. I don’t want to keep this amazing practice to myself (truly, I’m only selfish when it comes to cookies).

You don’t have to come in person; actually, I want you to find your own place because I can be a bit of a hermit. :p Choose whatever creative project you currently have or have always dreamed about beginning. Then, from 8-9pm on Monday, August 29, turn off your phone, ignore Facebook, and tell your family only to interrupt you if there’s blood or fire.

Use the time for anything you choose! I’ll be working on one of two writing projects. Here are some of the ways I like to express my creativity and vision, just to give you some ideas if you need any:

Anything goes! To make this truly a community event, I want you to take a photo at the end of the hour and share your project with me. One way to share it is to upload it to my Facebook page at The other way is to Instagram it; tag me @cheriedawnhaas and hashtag it #CreativityHour (plus any other hashtags to help other creatives find us and join in).

Share this blog post with your friends who could use a bump to prioritize their writing, dancing, or anything else. By participating, you’ll give your project the attention it deserves and you’ll get further on it than if you choose to do something more important, like washing the dishes. Again. 😉

I’ll be online after the hour to check in with you, so don’t let me down! If we all do this together, then we’ll be stronger for it. I want you to make time for yourself, and I want your creative projects to flourish.

Keep in mind, you can work on something that’ll be finished within the hour or, even more exciting, work toward something that could take you a year to complete. Imagine how it’ll feel when you’re finished! And don’t worry–I won’t leave you hanging, cheese doodle. After this Creativity Hour I’ll set a date and time for the next one, and together, we’ll make badass things.

Peace, love, and fire,
Cherie Dawn

Stay tuned for my work-in-progress novel about a troubled, insecure girl who becomes a confident fire eater! Click here to Like my page on Facebook and be among the first to know when you can get your copy.


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