I almost don’t want to tell you how amazing PlayThink Festival is, but if you’re already familiar with the flow arts scene (or know me), then you’ve likely heard about this and other similar events.

I attend 1-2 flow festivals each year, and as I write this I’m physically and mentally “back” home after a few days of hooping, poi spinning, doing yoga, fire dancing…you get the picture.

As I re-entered the normal atmosphere, I realized it would be fun to make a list of several ways to know you’ve just left PlayThink. The magic is still with me, and I hope it is with you, too.

PlayThink Festival art mosaic
This is a community “PlayThink” mosaic that two kind and creative artists had going at their space.

10 Ways You Know You’ve Just Left PlayThink Festival

  1. You’re adorned with new body art, including but not limited to: Gold temporary tattoos, beautiful white face markings, paint, henna, and possibly markers. PlayThink Festival | CherieDawnLovesFire.com
  2. You remember talking to a tree, which talked back to you, and you have pictures to prove it.
  3. The trunk and backseat of your car looks like a Dick’s Sporting Goods and an Etsy shop exploded together.
  4. You’re craving a peanut butter donut.
  5. As you drive away from the campground, your animal totem passes in front of your car, like three times.

    PlayThink Festival | CherieDawnLovesFire.com

  6. Before turning on your radio, you drive in silence, reflecting on the people you met and the things you learned about music, specific flow arts, poetry, and yourself.
  7. The first thing you do when you get out of the car is write some detail about the weekend so you’ll always remember it. (One of mine? “Your future self already knows.”)
  8. You kind of delay taking a shower for the day, just to still have that good Homegrown Hideaways dirt so close to you.
  9. You’re surprised when strangers in public (muggles) don’t smile back and give you a big hug.
  10. You’re already making plans for the next PlayThink.

Have another one to add to the list? Share it in the comments section here! If our paths crossed this weekend, I want to thank you. Each of you taught me something, inspired me, entertained me, was kind to me, and made me think or rethink. Until we meet again, friends.

Peace, love, and fire,
Cherie Dawn

Stay tuned for my work-in-progress novel about a troubled, insecure girl who becomes a confident fire eater! Click here to Like my page on Facebook and be among the first to know when you can get your copy.


6 thoughts on “10 Ways You Know You’ve Just Left PlayThink Festival

  1. As I lay here in silence reflecting on the week with my dusty feet hanging off my bed and my body aching for rest….I can say only that I agree 100 percent.

  2. You forgot number 11.

    11.You almost got run over by The Captain Midnight Band who was trying to leave after performing and instead of making simple gesture of kindness and moving over 2 feet for 10 seconds you sat on the ground, screamed and forced them to go around you, backwards in the dark.

    1. Actually, at first I just replied with a “yikes!” But I feel the need to add this – I’m sorry that you’re still holding onto this, and as a participant at PlayThink, I hope that you focus instead on the better memories. Peace~

  3. You show off all your new tricks and knowledge you learned to your family and friends!
    *My gold arm band temp tattoo is still goin strong !

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