If you’ve bought fire spinning fuel lately, you’re well aware that it’s not cheap. But saving money is just one reason to catch the excess fuel when you spin off your fire spinning tools before lighting them up. Using a spin-off container is also better for the environment because you’re not releasing fuel into the ground soil, and it prevents your flames from being excessively large when you first light up.

Years ago I created my own container for just a few bucks, and after countless uses, it has needed very little maintenance. Here’s my fire poi tip.

DIY: How to Make a Spin-Off Container for Fire Poi


  • 64-oz empty juice bottle
  • sharp knife
  • velcro strips
  • duct tape

Fire poi tips | CherieDawnLovesFire.com

1. Use a sharp knife to slice off the top section of the bottle, keeping the original lid in place.

Fire poi tips | CherieDawnLovesFire.com

2. Use velcro to attach the lid on one side. This velcro will remain in place every time you use the spin-off container; do not remove it or un-attach it.

Fire poi tips | CherieDawnLovesFire.com

3. Attach a strip of duct tape over the velcro to reinforce it when you spin off (right side, above). Attach another strip on the opposite side; this strip is what you’ll remove momentarily when you put your fire poi inside.

Fire poi tips | CherieDawnLovesFire.com

4. After you soak your fire poi in the fuel, put it inside the spin-off container, keeping the poi head suspended rather than letting it sit in the bottom of the bottle. Securely close the lid with the duct tape, and then hold the fire poi handle and spin it in a few nice, strong circles for a several seconds. Hold onto the handle as you remove the duct tape to get your poi head out. You’ll likely save about an 1/8 cup each time you use this fire poi tip.

If you use a different type of container or have suggestions for this setup, feel free to let me know in the comments! And if you’re new to fire arts, don’t miss my blog post on “The Great Fuel Debate.”

Peace, love, and fire
Cherie Dawn

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