So it’s your first time attending Kinetic Fire. You’ve bought your ticket, requested off work, and have starting browsing the workshop schedule, eager to see who’s teaching what, when, and where. You’re planning who you’ll camp with and which props you’re going to focus on. You’re almost ready.

I say almost because there are only so many things you can do to prepare for Kinetic. There are the tangible items to check off your to-do list, but there will also be the unexpected. That’s what this post is for. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to give you some advice on attending for your first Kinetic Fire.

Fire breather |
“Fire breathing wizard” Simon Janson, who’s coming from Paris to teach at Kinetic Fire. He’s one of the many amazing instructors lined up to teach. Image courtesy of Kinetic Fire. Dig this picture? Then click here to pin it on Pinterest.
  1. This first one is totally the mom in me…pay attention to the General Info tab at so you’re prepared. This means packing a cooler with ice, food, snacks, water, etc. And bring a tarp–last year it rained and I learned firsthand how smart it is to put a tarp under your tent. I hope you don’t have to find out why.
  1. Be prepared to make new friends. Lots of them. Taking workshops together throughout the weekend and passing one another as you go from the Main Play to the Court to the Vendor Village, not to mention burning each night, all adds up to memories that you will not soon forget.
  1. Take the morning yoga classes. Your body will thank you. I promise. It’s a great way to give your muscles a good lovin’ after pushing them throughout each day and night, and gives your mind a break, too.
  1. Don’t worry about sleep. You can do that when you get home. Stay up and take in the fire circle, because where else can you watch 50-75 or more fire dancers playing together at the same time? It’s beautiful, and it goes on from sun down until sun up.
  1. Find a time to volunteer. It’s true that doing so is a great way to support the event, get a better understanding of the work that’s involved, and (see #2) get to know more of your fellow flow dancers.
  1. Take a beginner’s workshop in something you’ve never done before. You’ve already paid for it, so expand your knowledge of flow arts by stepping out of your comfort zone. The schedule is so eclectic that there’s bound to be something that’s new to you.
  1. Make sure you take notes and/or videos (ask permission for the latter) in the classes you take. It’s easy to get overloaded quickly because there are so many talented instructors there to shower you with their knowledge. Write it down so you can refer back to it once you’re back home and practicing your new skills.
  1. I don’t have to say this, but I’m going to, just because I have your attention and I can. Be kind.
  1. If you’ve never lit up your fire prop, this is the place to do it. I’ll never forget buying my fire hoop at Kinetic and burning it for the first time there. It was magical. I want you to experience that, too.
  1. Lastly, my general rule of thumb is to party one night and just watch everyone light up, and then stay sober one night so I can play with my fire props. Just something to consider; take it or leave it.

    Kinetic Fire 2014 Opening Ceremony |
    Can you see me in there? 😀 Seriously. Flipping amazing fun. Each year Kinetic has an opening ceremony that somehow creates instant bonds amongst the festival-goers.

So that’s my advice. I have to admit that I’m a little jealous of you, as I’ve been to Kinetic for the past three years, but am unable to attend in 2015. I’ll be there in spirit, though, because it’s such an amazing event, filled with excitement and serendipity. That’s what Kinetic does to you. You’ve been warned. 😉 If you’ve been to Kinetic, add to this list in the comments below and share your advice!

Peace, love, and fire,
Cherie Dawn

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2 thoughts on “Feels Like the First Time: Kinetic Fire for Newbs

  1. Dang, wish you were going to be there in 2015. I am going again. haven’t missed a one so far, not even the first one in Illinois.

    Hope you are doing well Cherie. I still think about our little performance. And I continually thank you for getting me out of a comfort zone. Cool video too, thank you.

    1. Yes, this will be the first one I’ve missed since I started going. I’m still trying to figure out a way to possibly get there, even if it’s just for the first couple of days, but therein lies the hurdle. As always, it’s good to hear from you (I loved working with you, and Terri and her daughter, for that project!). ❤ I"m so glad that you're going to Kinetic…if I end up making it, I'll let you know! xoxo

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