I could complete this sentence with a million things, which is why I’m so busy all of the time doing everything but watching television. How would you finish this? Or, how would you live your life?


Here are just a few of my suggestions:

Life is too short not to…

  • be the first one to venture to the dance floor
  • dress in a costume and walk in a parade
  • make eye contact with strangers
  • find and do something that makes your heart beat a little faster (for me, performing and dancing with fire)
  • flirt (tee-hee!)
  • create some form of art (i.e. paint a sign with a fill-in-the-blank sentence just because you were inspired to do so)
  • read to your children at bed time
  • give amazing hugs
  • swim in the ocean

Oy vey, could I keep going! But that’s just me–what do YOU believe life is too short to not do/be?

Cherie Dawn


2 thoughts on “Life Is Too Short Not To Do These Nine Things (and more, really)

  1. *Face down your fears at least enough to know what motivates them
    *Use the “good” dishes
    *say “I love you”
    *go on an adventure – even if you don’t leave your house or yard (that’s what books, art supplies, and even the internet is for)
    *eat the fudge at Christmas
    *celebrate every single birthday

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