So, we’ve all done it. We’ve practiced “singles” while washing the dishes. We’ve worked on our chest circles while stuck in traffic on I-75. So, we thought it’d be fun to start a list of these belly dance-isms. Have a laugh, and let us know the quirky little things that remind you of belly dancing! We’ll keep adding new -isms, so stay tuned…

tribal belly dancing
Laura Hughes, dancing with Tree of Life World Music

You know you’re a belly dancer if…

  • You shimmy your way to the glowing box of Waffle Crisp in the grocery aisle!
  • You’re using frozen peas for a headache, and find yourself doing isolated shoulder shimmies while the bag is perched on your head.
  • You wake up your roommates because you’re still wearing your jinglies after a late-night hafla.
  • You see a curtain at Target and think, “Oh, I could totally wear that.”
  • Your solution to everything is a safety pin.
  • You finally taught yourself to sew!
  • When you see a unique coin, you want to attach it to your bra.
  • You’re on a blind date at an Indian restaurant, and can’t stop thinking about choreographing something to the background music.
  • “Where’s that drum beat coming from?”
  • “Yip!” is the new “Yee-Haw!”
  • Kira Marie Hays added: You know you’re a belly dancer when you stretch after a yawn and go into taxeem arms!

Comment on this blog to add your own belly dance-isms!

Special note: This originally appeared at, a blog site that I created but is no longer active, so I moved it over here so it won’t be lonely. 😉 Special thanks to Laura Hughes for writing this fun list with me in 2011, on a sunny day in her apartment. ~Cherie



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