It’s been a busy week. I celebrated Thanksgiving early with my Mom’s side of the family, traveled to Louisville on Sunday for an all-afternoon hooping workshop with the beloved Baxter of Hoop Path, and visited Circus Mojo for their open juggling night. I wasn’t positive that I was going to make it to the Fire Tech Flow workshop that was going on at the KOI Pound, but I was determined to show my support to fellow fire dancers who were making the effort to travel and teach. More on that later…

partner poi spinning
Special thanks to the KOI Pound for hosting the workshops, and to Elliot and Jameson of Fire Technicians for including this on their workshop tour.

Long story short (because I can’t wait to show these videos), here are a couple of snippets of what I learned, and I’m so glad that I went. Jameson of Fire Technicians in Saint Louis was an excellent teacher. Teaching poi spinning is no easy task–I know this from my own experience–and he made it smooth as butter to learn these complex moves. (Shout-out to my new poi friend, Garrett! Thanks for taking these videos!)

Without further ado:

And another, because it was so much fun:

And back to the subject I alluded to above–friends, support those who are in your field of interest by attending their workshops/classes/performances when possible. Even showing support online makes a big difference, such as when you share news about gigs and things of that nature. One of my first poi spinning teachers traveled from Dayton to Cincinnati weekly for two months to share her knowledge, and I’m eternally grateful. If we don’t support our teachers, we will not continue to learn. Granted, there are a lot of online resources, but it’s still not the same as face-to-face instruction, so take advantage of these opportunities when they come your way, and let others know about them too.

There, I’m finished preaching. Thanks for listening.  😉  Now back to your regular programming.

Peace, love, and poi,
Cherie Dawn


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