Still sweaty, I just returned home from some amazing alone time, listening to my favorite songs and spinning poi, at Circus Mojo. Not completely alone–tonight was Scout Night, so I took my two sons to participate in a circus class, and I retreated to the backstage dance studio with my MP3 player and notes from past Kinetic Fire weekends, TribOriginal, and countless workshops and classes that I’ve attended over the years.

It’s been a few months since I’ve been as inspired as I was tonight, but as I’ve written about in the past, there are mountains and valleys to creativity. I’ve been in a valley for a while, and the most unpredictable sequence of events pulled me out of it. I’ll explain more about that in my future NY Times bestseller, which I’m also working on, but for now, suffice it to say that fate granted me the opportunity to perform a fire poi solo in the midst of circus talent from around the world, not to mention an amazing audience. I was able to give myself to the audience in that spontaneous set, and in doing so, I gave myself freedom to continue to fire dance, against all odds and mental restrictions (honk if you can relate).

practice poi
My tools for a successful poi practice session.

Tonight, as I practiced my poi spinning techniques, I drilled things that I should have nailed by now: anti-spins, for one thing, but also some really cool moves that I learned and had forgotten about. Thank goddess for my dance journals! Between the technical poi drills and advice on stage presence and improvisation, I took my own physical history and danced it. Pique turns that had slept in my memory for years were awakened as I combined them with poi cyclones. Even just seeing the names of my teachers of dance, poi, and hoop throughout the years strengthened me tonight: Onca, Zan, Baxter, Suzanne, Jodi, and even faces without names; they were all with me. I thank them for sharing their knowledge.

This is from the recent performance that rekindled my flame. ;) Photo courtesy of Virginia Gribben and Circus Mojo
This is from the recent performance that rekindled my flame. 😉 Photo courtesy of Virginia Gribben and Circus Mojo

As I’ve said to others, I’ll say now, in my own blog: knowing your talent is a gift. It’s your responsibility to share that gift with others because those who’ve not found their passion (and those who have) thrive on seeing individuals and groups share their talent, for entertainment or for other walks of life. I’ll admit that I get a little emotional when I see a great performance; it’s nothing for my hands to sweat, and I even have to bring a tissue, just in case the combination of music and performing arts brings me to tears, which it has, and will again.

To celebrate this revival and to inspire it in you, I’m proud to announce that I’m working with Mayan Ruins to coordinate a “Prop Play” evening at Circus Mojo, where one of Cincinnati’s favorite psychedelic bands will provide the music, and you just bring your passion and your favorite props. We’ll dance, drink, and dance some more–there’s plenty of space, and the vibes are great. Check the Circus Mojo Facebook page for up-to-date details, and I’ll see you there.

Peace, love, dance, and fire,
Cherie Dawn


3 thoughts on “Dance Inspiration, Where Are–Oh, There You Are. I Missed You.

  1. I just had my second seasons performance last night and read your blog here, thank you. I am learning so much of myself by sharing my passion. I was just speaking to an individual of how important it is to share and how fulfilling it is to take yourself and your talent to that level. We are here to inspire, teach each other and inspiring people along the way it the gift of a lifetime. I am so happy to have read your page here, many happy fire dances to you ^_^

    1. Isn’t if funny how we inspire each other? Thank you so much for sharing your comment, and please know that you, in turn, have inspired me! I wish you all the best, and who knows? Maybe our paths will cross at a fire festival! 🙂
      Peace ~Cherie

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