It had been about 8 months since I had taken a poi spinning (or any fire arts) workshop, until last night. That’s when I went to the Pound (arts space in Cincinnati), and took a class on the fundamentals of poi, and a class on poi tosses from Exuro of Insphyre.

poi spinning workshop with Insphyre
If you’re in the Queen City, you need to check out the Pound. It’s pretty flippin’ sweet. It’s grown from an empty warehouse to a creative space for like-minded folks, like us. 🙂

Even though I’ve been spinning fire since 2007, I believe that it’s never too late to learn something new; especially when it comes to movement arts like poi, dance and hoop. In the fundamentals class last night, it was interesting to listen to Exuro explain basic moves that I’ve been doing for years. As I followed along with his movements, it actually took me a moment to realize that he was teaching a move that had become second-nature in my own vocabulary, only he was giving it a different flavor. Nice! It would have been easy to skip this class, thinking something like, “I don’t need no stinkin’ fundamentals,” but I’m so glad that I did it. And hell, it was fun!

Just this past summer I had begun using poi tosses with my practice and fire poi, and so taking the second workshop last night was a treat. Look for the results this season. 😉

After last night, I’m more stoked than ever to learn more this year from other talented fire performers. We have an awesome community, and so I hope that if you’re a part of it, you never take it for granted. Many thanks to the Pound for hosting the workshops last night (which also included staff, and probably much more that I didn’t see), and the weekly spin jams. And mad respect to Exuro and Pyrus for traveling across the country sharing their passion and knowledge.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a video of Exuro spinning fire poi:

Peace, love and fire,
Cherie Dawn


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