Inspiration is a funny thing. It can disappear so easily, not unlike when you go throughout your day knowing that night will come, and you see the sky changing colors in the late afternoon, and then the sun dips to the horizon, and you blink, and it’s gone. And yet it’s always a little surprising that it’s gotten so dark so quickly.

Maybe that’s how I’ve felt for the past several months. Back in October, I officially “retired” from fire dancing with Dante’s Gypsy Circus, mostly to spend more time with my children. Although I’m still at peace with the decision, I only barely miss performing, and know that I’ll always dance in some capacity.

This past summer I was still at the height of my passion for performing and teaching, and so some dear and talented friends of mine produced a video of me spinning fire, for promotional use. Recently, I was given the final cut version. It’s hard for anyone to watch him/herself, but I’m such an advocate of expression that I must share this video (plus, they did a great job editing the footage). Ooh – also, my dear friends in the Keshvar Project wrote the music; the song is Relentless, and you can download it from their website.

I hope that you find inspiration from this poi spinning video, and that the inspiration makes a full circle to keep me spinning poi, as I really do love it.

Peace, love and fire,
Cherie Dawn


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