Just this week, my newest set of poi arrived at my doorstep. Different from the LED poi and fire poi that I normally use, this set is called Contact Pendulum Poi, made for stalls and throws, thanks to their balanced nature and weight.contact pendulum poi

The take-away? Invest in yourself! You deserve to treat yourself, and to try out new things. I’d noticed these contact poi online, and even borrowed a set briefly while I was at Kinetic Fire (a fire arts festival in Ohio). Months later, I finally decided it was time to get my own set so that I could really focus on my stalls. Bonus: they’re purple with bright green handles, which I thought was playful enough to use for my Circus Mojo gigs (come on Tuesday nights for poi classes).

Enough talk though – I want to get practicing! 🙂 BTW, if you shop at Home of Poi, use my referral code (Cherie3) and get 5% off of your order. They also have a ton of video lessons for poi, hoop, staff and more, and a great community forum.

Happy spinning!
Cherie Dawn


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