Someone I love died recently.

My second cousin, on my Mom’s side, to be exact. Gale Watson, Sr.

Gale was a performer, songwriter, musician, singer and probably more. He was a great supporter of me from my teenangst years and on. He encouraged me to write poetry, which went very well. This is why I would be remiss not to share a bit of him. I’ve had many thoughts since I got the call last week, but am really just too sad to publicly write everything. Fortunately, someone had posted this video of Gale on YouTube a couple of years back.

I might write more about him, and how he’s affected my life, how I may not have been so bold if it weren’t for him. But for now, I’ll leave you with these words: you may not always remember what someone says, but you’ll always remember the way they made you feel.

Love to the world,
Cherie Dawn


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