It’s such a wonderful gift when kindred spirits come into our lives. I recently met Jamie Rodgers, who is just as passionate about dance as I am. She owns “Dancing 4 the Fun of Fit,” where she teaches Zumba Fitness classes. The following is an inspirational guest blog post from Jamie, on why she dances. 🙂

Why I Became a Zumba Fitness Instructor

by Jamie Rodgers

Quick answer: I LOVE to dance! When I was a little girl all I wanted to do was dance. I wanted to be a Solid Gold Dancer. My parents couldn’t afford dance classes for me so I just watched on TV and danced along. I went to every local dance and danced from the start to the end…yep, I was that girl!

Life happened, I had children, threw occasional PartyLite parties for extra income, and stayed busy.

When my oldest daughter, Bailey, was 10 or 11 she wanted to take hip hop classes, so I began throwing a few more PartyLite parties to cover the cost of tuition. She had so much fun and learned some amazing moves. The next year Josie, my youngest daughter, joined her class and even I enrolled in an adult hip hop class. I was working at Goshen Schools at the time and I also added more parties. The next year my daughters wanted to take tumbling classes in addition to hip hop, and I went from one class a week to two so that I could be in better shape.

Zumba instructor Jamie Rodgers
Jamie Rodgers (middle) with her two daughters.

In addition to my school job and PartyLite parties, I became a bartender at Expressway Park so that I could afford all of the classes for the three of us. It was worth it – I was dancing and providing opportunities for my girls to pursue their passion as well. The next year brought break dancing and hip hop for my girls and hip hop and Zumba Fitness for me. I adored my teachers, Ricky Mesina and Keri Randall, and wanted an opportunity to inspire others to dance and get fit despite their age or dance background. Mesina and Randall are patient and loving with all of their students and they truly love to dance; it shows in the way they teach. I saw Zumba Fitness as an opportunity for me to be able to 1. dance, 2. get fit (I hate working out, but love to dance and with Zumba you get to do it all with friends), 3. help others get fit 4. have a class to hold me accountable for working out, and 5. make some income to pay for our dance classes.

Two weeks after I got certified, I was blessed by being offered a job for a brand new Zumba Fitness program that Curves was offering to help boost membership for their clubs…Zumba in the Circuit. I knew nothing about it and I didn’t think I was ready to teach a class but I thought…why not? So I learned the choreography and stayed up almost all night to get it down and to modify it for the Circuit program. It was a big success and everyone welcomed it into their weekly fitness plan. The extra weekly income was just what I needed at the time because I was in a crunch with my daughters’ tuition and was facing having to drop classes. The opportunity came just in the nick of time.

It has been almost two years and my reasons for teaching Zumba Fitness are the same: to be able to provide extra income to pay for dance classes and to help anyone who would like to get fit and have fun doing it the opportunity to do so in a fun, friendly, supportive way. I do it as a service to others out of love and respect. I do it to be in control of my health and my body and to help others on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. We do it for fun, for fitness, with friends because we choose to of our own free will. It’s amazingly powerful to take responsibility for your health – it empowers us when we take time for ourselves to do something good for our heart, our body, our mind and our spirit (Thank you, Ricky, for those words).
I do it for love, love of the person God made me, love of my fellow humans and love of my family.

If you love doing something that is good for you and others and brings you and others happiness…why would you ever stop? You wouldn’t…and I won’t. I was born to dance and to help others find their passions and have fun doing it in the process.~Jamie

Wow! Jamie, thank you so much for sharing your gifts of dance and inspiration with the world. Much love to you and your family.
Happy dancing!
Cherie Dawn


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