Aah, the beach. I just returned to the Bluegrass State after visiting Panama City Beach. Of course, I packed my glow poi along for the ride (with fingers crossed that they wouldn’t be confiscated in airport security) and headed south. Five evenings of beach walking and sight-seeing later, my better half asked me while we chilled out on the balcony with the stars around us, “Why don’t you take your poi down to the beach and spin?”

Why hadn’t I yet? What a marvelous idea. So I did. Here’s a little video that he took (sorry I’m just a speck in the distance; I had just picked a random place on the beach, not intentionally being within video range). From where I was, I could hear the live ska and reggae drifting from the nearby Sharky’s restaurant. The stars welcomed me with every backward tilt of my head, and the waves…oh, the waves. I spun poi for an hour, nonstop. It’s the longest single time that I’ve ever spun poi without being paid to do so. It was so detoxifying.

Today’s lesson? Take the time to do what you love because you love to do it. Without judgment, without pressure…just you and your *thing*. Do what you love like no one is watching – as in this case of me spinning poi in front of hundreds of hotel balconies with an unknown number of eyes – someone is. Do it with wild abandon and no apologies. 🙂

Inevitably, several folks had come up to me to inquire what in the world I was doing. My favorite question? “Is that some kind of voodoo you’re doing?”

Speaking of folks, I was lucky enough to also spend a portion of each day walking along the beach either alone or with the excellent company of my loved ones. One morning I walked alone, around 6:00 a.m. I randomly passed a few other people here and there; and we acknowledged each other always with a side glance or a genuine smile that recognized that we share this appreciation of the ocean together; the few of us willing to get up out of bed so early just to whisper our thoughts to the beach in a way more personal than when it’s full of bodies.

While I felt kinship with these people, there were a few others I met as well who would probably be in my circle of friends if we lived closer (one man pointed to my husband and I, and after a very brief conversation that took place while we still walked past him, he said to us, “You’re beautiful – and you always will be!” I blew him a kiss and a peace sign. But I also missed my friends here…the burners, the leave-no-trace, pack-in-pack-out, nonjudgmental and open-hearted people who give hugs at first sight. I especially missed them as I stepped over miscellaneous litter (some of which I picked up and threw away) that folks left on the beach. (It’s hard to believe that people actually still litter like this.)

And maybe this is another lesson; surround yourself with other people who do what they love because they want to do it. It’s contagious.

Till next time,
Cherie Dawn


2 thoughts on “Poi Spinning, Panama City Beach, and Life in General

  1. (one man pointed to my husband and I,
    If your husband wasn’t there would he have pointed at just your eye?

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