Those of you who know me in person have been hearing me broadcast the fact that the Accidental Circus was going to perform at Circus Mojo, hosted by Dante’s Gypsy Circus. 🙂 It’s been an incredible six months of planning, and it all came to fruition this past Friday night. If you missed the show, perhaps you can catch them the next time they’re in Cincinnati – for this is an incredible group of performers that had the audience (and what a wonderful audience it was) laughing and cringing throughout the evening.

A video should be available soon, so in the meantime, enjoy these images (courtesy of Paul Miller) of the evening:

Paul Miller, Circus Mojo, balancing act
Paul Miller of Circus Mojo, balancing a ladder on his chin during the first act.
Dante's Gypsy Circus, doll makeup, Cherie Dawn
A few of us from Dante’s Gypsy Circus in the green room before the show. That’s me on the left, Dex in the middle, and Pokes on the right. Special thanks to Devil Dolly Design for doing our doll makeup!
entertainment, Circus Mojo, sideshow, Accidental Circus
Half of the lovely and talented “Sidetracked” act of the Accidental Circus, along with Darbuka Dave (left) and August Hoerr (right).

See more pictures on Circus Mojo’s Facebook page.


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