Sometimes inspiration comes when you least expect it. Personally, I find it daily in the office I work in. Not that I work in a cube farm that caters to fire eating belly dancers who perform in an improvisational troupe. But everything that I look at goes through what I can only refer to as a gypsy filter. As in, without trying, I think: how does this relate to dance?

lessons for dance in an everyday world, finding dance inspiration

I’ve been blessed that my path has led me to a supportive and creative work environment, but it goes beyond that. So much so, that I think it’s worth the time and effort to share this with you. 🙂 Let me begin with a specific example. I was researching a magazine article that had run several years ago, when a list of goal-setting tips for artists caught my eye. It had great info for artists, but at a glance I translated it to dance-speak. You see, we (belly dancers, fire eaters, etc) know that there’s a strong network of us throughout Cincinnati, and throughout the world with thanks to the internet. But it’s still not easy-breezy to find the type of guidance that we may long for. Especially when this mystical force grows into a profession. I’ve traveled to as far as North Carolina to learn firsthand from those who’ve paved the way and are willing to share their knowledge; and I do my best to support those who travel into our town offering workshops.

But I also take my education into my own hands by looking for anything that could possibly apply to “this business we call show” and make myself, and hopefully the community at large, more effective at whatever it is that we want to do.

So, back to the list of goal-setting tips from earlier. I’ve yet to come across such a thing for folks like me, so I looked at it closely and realized that I too, need goals with dates set at perhaps six months, two years, five years, etc. I know why I dance – it’s my blood and breath. But in what capacity do I want to continue? What about you? Where do you want to be a year from now? One of my goals is to achieve the belly flutter, but that’s been on my to-do list for a few years now. So, ladies (and gentlemen), today I share my six-month goal: it’s time. The flutter. 🙂 We’ll talk about other goals on another night.

I ask you to not only consider your own six-month goal, but to also look for this type of parallel information wherever you can. Open your eyes to mainstream practices and see how you can apply them to your own dance journey. 🙂

Cherie Dawn


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