Passion, imagination, laughter, encouragement, practice, audacity, stillness…these and more make up the Muses that guide us. I met them in person when I read The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard): 10 Guides to Creative Inspiration for Artists, Poets, Lovers, and Other Mortals Wanting to Live a Dazzling Existence by Jill Badonsky. In a nutshell, I love this book.

inspirational book, Jill Badonsky, creativityBadonsky’s Muses represent qualities that creative folks experience, albeit in differing degrees at any give time. Each Muse is there to guide you along your path, offering soulful challenges, supportive words, and advice that’s honest, funny, and feels like it’s coming from a best friend. The bodyguard? That’s Arnold…he’s there to protect you from anything that can come in the way of your goals. I dig him.

My copy of this book is now full of dog-ears, underlined sentences, highlighted paragraphs and personal notes about how to apply the Muses’ advice to my own life. With Badonsky’s permission, I’d like to share just a snippet of the wisdom with you:

“Starting any kind of heart-driven action toward your dream will result in the presence of energy and teaming miracles to direct and support you. Your only role is to stay the course and not be redirected by fear of any kind. Fear is fairly normal in the creative process, as it is in life. Simply nod at it, acknowledge its looming existence, and then choose faith, belief, confidence, and enthusiasm. If you find yourself low on fuel, gas up with affirmations, trust, supportive individuals, and continued practice, patience, and progress forward. Your association with the Muses will steer you toward what you need. Just believe. Breathe and lighten up a bit.”~Jill Badonsky

Aaah. Yes. That’s just what we need. I can tell you that this book is one of the best additions to my personal library, and I’ll be referring to it often for guidance along my own path. You can click here to check out Badonsky’s blog too…It’s called “The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder.”

Peace and blessings,
Cherie Dawn

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