It’s no secret that I’m a fan of stripes and socks. So finding a great pair of knee- or thigh-high striped socks, for me, is like a burst of dopamine.

socks, stripe socks, knee-highs, dance wear

But like all things, awesome socks have their end. Take this pair, for example. They’ve kept me stylishly warm through bonfire circles in the middle of January and movie nights on the couch, and (hidden under my boot-cut jeans) even accompanied me to the office.

But today I realized that it was time to end my relationship with them…to allow them to evolve into the magnificent piece of dance wear that neither of us realized was in store for their future!

And so I share this with you, if you’re the type of person who wears socks and perhaps even dances. Turn your old socks into leg warmers (share this idea on Twitter). When you wake up one morning and see your big, beautiful toe peeking at you from behind a veil of cotton, get your sharpest pair of scissors and…no wait! First, take off the socks!

You can either cut a straight line across the seam at the tip of the socks and leave the original heel in place; or you can cut just above the heel as I did with this pair. The choice can depend on the wear-and-tear the heels have already taken, or your simple preference.

socks, stripe socks, legwarmers, dance wear

And voilĂ ! You’ve reused and recycled. You can even layer a pair of ankle socks under your new leg warmers. Pat yourself on the back and start moving your body.

Peace, love, and fire,
Cherie Dawn


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