The Southgate House in Newport Kentucky, Witches Ball, Dante's Gypsy Circus, tribal belly danceres
I've been fortunate to have performed several times over the years in the ballroom at the Southgate House, with Dante's Gypsy Circus.

Change is hard. We’ve recently lost several businesses at which the greater Cincinnati belly dance community performed, celebrated, studied, and last but not least, shopped. As the winds blow us into 2012, we need to remember that, like Shake-It Records had announced on Facebook, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of things we love when The Southgate House closed. We—musicians and music lovers, singers and dancers, drinkers, pool-players, hoot-n-hollerers—make up The Southgate House. I think the same can be said for Kira’s Oasis. We’ll miss meeting there and checking out the amazing performances and workshops that she brought in, as well as her hospitality and the trunk sales that helped bring dancers together in a familial way. I wish her the very best.

What we need to remember is that individuals make up community. I’m grateful, every day, for those whose paths have crossed with mine…those creatives who fuel my passion for all things dance, movement, music, love, and creativity, which keep this world turning gently without giving me whiplash. And so while I’ll miss taking the stage at The Southgate House, making treks from Cincinnati up to Kira’s, and finding wild costuming pieces at the Village Thrift (or Newport Lazarus, as I always called it), we’ll continue on.

We’ll find each other out there under the stars, making music that rises up through the trees and calls us together.


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