Written  October, 2011:
It’s October, and we’ve all been lighting up our fire poi, palm torches, eating torches, and other tools like there’s an upcoming fuel hike. Our wicks have turned as black as the dark side of the moon.

This makes it a perfect time to check everything. Many of us check our tools before every single use – as well we should. But if you go in between a few burns before tightening up your hardware, note that it could have loosened up after so many spins around town.

Side note: If you purchase any fire tools from Home of Poi, they’ll likely include a fire safety DVD. I recommend all of my poi students to not only get their practice tools from this site, but to also check out Home of Poi’s fire gear. It’s made well, lasts long, has a fair price, and the site offers great customer service. The fire safety DVD they have is a must-see, no matter what your level is, or your drug of choice: poi, fire eating, etc.


Fire Tools Safety Checklist

fire poi, fire eating torches, first aid, fire safety tips
Don't forget to restock your first aid kit. Although we've rarely needed it for burns, it's come in handy when others have gotten boo-boos. 😉
  • Take a good look at each wick. If there are any loose threads, trim them. They don’t feel good if they fly off, and they don’t taste good either.
  • Get out your pliers and tighten up any hardware that has loosened up, especially on tools such as poi, fire snakes, or anything else that could become a flying meteor.
  • Pull out your Duvetyne and check it for any holes that have sprung up from using it to put out your tools.
  • You should have a water squirt bottle for minor burns, and to give your clothing and hair a quick spritz before lighting up. Now’s a good time to make sure it’s full.
  • If you use a paint can for dipping tools, check it for rust spots. Mine’s actually covered in rust, but the metal’s holding up and there aren’t any weak spots. I’ll be keeping an eye on it. These only cost a few bucks, so replace yours as needed.

Depending on the region you live in, you may be able to keep lighting up as we take another journey around the sun. Here in Cincinnati, our nights of cooperative weather will become few and far between until Spring returns. But with these easy precautions listed above, we can all hope to continue to have beautiful and safe experiences in this wondrous world of fire arts.

Peace, love and fire.


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