belly dancer, fire torches, fire eater, Cincinnati belly dance
Image courtesy of Luxkala Photography

Welcome to my blog. I write. I dance. I eat fire. My name is Cherie Dawn.

I’m the author of Girl on Fire: A Novel. Browse this site and you’ll find musings about tribal belly dance, fire eating and fire poi spinning, costuming ideas, creativity, a little poetry for good measure, and more.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog

  1. Beautiful website. WOW. You are a beautiful person, Cherie Dawn. We met at Common Roots by the ERUEV in Price Hill. I am the 77 year old and thank you. I cannot see an e-mail address and so will do a cut and paste here about Dr. Amy Reed and the fact that the FDA lack of regs on morcelation, like the Da Vinci robot, the one they used (that spread her invisible undetected Cancer and caused her death in May of this year. (She was just 44 and has 6 small children and MD husband.) Thanks in advance for signing petition. And I will check with my Doc to see if my back/body is OK for belly dancing. I get excited thinking about this kind of dance. Thank you so much for coming out and sharing with me. You might want to connect with a friend of mine in NY who is a dancer like you who says belly dancing saved her body and spirit. Her name is Carol Hemming (she also does stand up comedy, lots of personal work. (And works a regular corporate job to pay for her life.) I just e-mailed her and about you. All blessings. Ruth Kohake (513) 284-8628 FB: NurseRuthRN

    1. Dear Ruth, how amazing it was to meet you last weekend! Thank you for your kind message, and yes, I’ll look up the petition and would love to connect with your friend Carol. I hope you enjoy reading Girl on Fire. ❤ I'm really glad we had a chance to meet and really talk. I wish you the very best. xo

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